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theghostorchestra is my main musical project, going since 2005, and we have 2 albums to our name, so far.

I write, arrange and produce it all, but it would be nothing without the many talents of the various singers and musicians who have taken part.

The first album featured:
Marc Aldrich on drums, Tom Dolan on keys, Ric Clark on guitar, Saul Bryanston-Cross on bass, Adam Davy on sax, Kate Mumford on cello, Hannah Cameron, Lucy Crisfield and Alexandra Pudney on violin. The singers were Amber Kingi, the late, great, Alex Holland, Michaela Betts, James Childs and Maxine Ridout. I filled in all the gaps.

You can buy it at all the usual places from itunes and Amazon to CD Baby.
theghostorchestra by theghostorchestra MAGCD001 MAGLP001

The second album featured:
Ruth Chan on piano, Michaela Betts, Maxine Ridout and Amber Kingi on vocals. I played all the other instruments.

You can buy it at all the usual places from itunes and Amazon to CD Baby.
Snowstorm by theghostorchestra MAGCD002 MAGLP002

We dont do many gigs unfortunately, as there are too many of us to make it economical. We did do a small cutdown version of songs at the Edinburgh Fringe once. Our week of shows were well reviewed in the Herald.

theghostorchestra has been played on BBC Radio 2 and Radio 3 and you can listen to us on Spotify.

Mark Simpson on Radio 2, commenting on the first album described it as “classic songs, stunning arrangements.”

theghostorchestra site is undergoing a revamp at the moment, but the site will be live again soon. Once in a blue moon, you may also catch Des playing with others – and he’s featured on guitar/bass in the Dubious Brothers reunion show DVD.